The Last Jedi Review

by: bradashlock

Dec 17
1. The Empire Strikes Back: 5/5
2. A New Hope: 5/4.95
3. Return of the Jedi: 4/5
4. The Last Jedi: 3.75/ 5
5. The Force Awakens: 3.5/ 5
5. Revenge of the Sith: 3/5
6. Rogue One: 3/5
7. Attack of the Clones: 2.5/5
8. The Phantom Menace: 2/5
The Last Jedi:
“You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need” – Rolling Stones
I don’t believe “The Last Jedi” gives us the story we wanted, but maybe, just maybe, it’s the story we needed.
As a child of the 1970s, my myths weren’t built on classics of Greek and Roman literature or any literature for that matter. My first stories, the first stories that impacted me and taught me how to be in this world… came from “Star Wars”. I learned about trusting in yourself and that there was a sublime beauty and hidden order within the universe. I learned you don’t leave your friends behind. I learned no matter the hopelessness of a situation, never give up. I learned that even the evilest of men still had a chance at redemption – and it was our job to help bring them out of darkness and back into the light.
And sometimes that dark figure beneath layers of amour was ourselves.
I applaud the choices in “The Last Jedi”, the latest installment in our generation’s mythology. Where previously black and white clashed, here we have areas of gray, of distorted memories, ambiguous moralities, and, most telling, disappointing origins. Rey, the new central character of the franchise, has her parentage revealed. No, she’s not a Skywalker, nor a Kenobi, nor even a Palpatine. Her parents were nobodies.
And with that choice, we are all invited to be open to “The Force”. It doesn’t matter who your parents were, where you came from. Anybody can be a Jedi.
In these strange days where racism, fascism, and class warfare divide us around the world, I’m taking on the learnings of this new “Star Wars” movie to heart: The Universe is One, we are One, and no matter your origins, you’re an integral part of the destiny of the galaxy.
May the Force be with us.