Is Marketing More Important Than Writing Ability?

by: bradashlock

Nov 30


Man, there are some slick writers out there. Very savvy in marketing, google analytics, Amazon advertising, Twitter, Facebook… how do they find time to write?

I guess I’ll have to find out. Just today, I followed a Tweet from a writing coach that led to her blog. You could read her blog, or click on a handy button and just listen to it as a podcast. Also, the blog is all about what she learned writing her latest novel.

So in one place, she’s promoting her new book, creating a podcast, and getting my email (if I wish to comment on the blog, which I did–mainly to see what would happen).

What did happen?

Shock of shocks: I got an email to reconfirm my email addy and give permission to receive updates about the post. I’m curious when her book is released, if I’ll also be contacted for that as well. Time will tell.

The thing is, I tried reading one of her books, and I didn’t think it was very good. Solid. Clear. A bit boring. Maybe it wasn’t my genre, to be fair.

But I’ve tried this with other authors that are strong in blogging and cross-promoting and podcasting–I have found, also, that their books are fine, good, excellent, BUT their marketing is actually better than the writing. In every case!

It’s not sour grapes, I wish them well, and in fact, I’m going to have to start doing it myself to get some readers. You have to. It’s not enough now to be a solid or even good writer.

This is the reality in the tail end of 2015. Embrace it, learn it, adapt it…

…or die out unread, unloved, and probably pissed off at this world of bullshit.