Don’t Quit Yer Day Job, Cowboy

by: bradashlock

Feb 29

Brother's Keeper Cover 1


I make money in recruitment. Perhaps I’ve called you up and presented a job, or asked “what’s your situation”? Heck, maybe you called me and demanded I stop “stealing your workers” (just treat ’em well, and they’ll stay…)

I’m a specialist researcher by day. It pays the bills. But my background is the arts. I have a Master’s Degree from The University of Chicago in painting–The U of C is in the top ten schools in the world. While painting, I also started writing fiction.

Being an artist is rough, especially when you move overseas as I did.

So at night, after a long day of phone calls and trying to make other people’s dreams come true, I come home, spend time with my family, and then seal myself off from the world in a room and work on making my dreams come true.

I’m a novelist by night. Gritty, violent, pulpy, B-movie type novels that might help you escape the everyday hum-drum boredom for a few hours. I never cared about money, just as long as I had a place where I could create something that might make people a little happier, a little disturbed, or a little more thoughtful.

Today, I’ve released my latest novel, a western that deals with themes of brotherhood, friendship, and redemption. I put everything I had into it, and was lucky enough to have my friend, Dawn Brennan, a Chicago painter, create a wonderful cover.

I’ve got about four or five books out. I guess they make enough for beer money once in a while. But I can’t quit my day job.

But never quit your dreams. I don’t care about filling a job if it’s going to make the person miserable in six months. As a recruiter and artist, what’s important to me is that people find that one gift they have that makes them special, that makes them extraordinary, and that they pursue it with everything they have.

People will try to pigeonhole you, or try to diminish your gifts because they probably haven’t found their own yet.

Maybe you can’t quit your day job, but never quit following your dreams.

Working and writing is… a lot of work! But it’s a joyous work for me. If you’re curious, please check out my novel on