Conjuring 2 Review

by: bradashlock

Jun 26

Overall, I enjoyed “The Conjuring 2”, and overall, I’m glad to see 70s type horror popular again. But where does the end of homage end and something fresh begin, though? There are many genuinely creepy moments throughout the film. It starts strong. The middle is soggy with constant knockings, footsteps, and shadowy figures. The schtick

Jun 18

  Haven’t posted for a while. Or written that much of late. When I was in my early twenties, Prince’s music was the soundtrack to my life. Him passing really took the wind out of me. It was strange: the morning before I learned of his death, I dreamed I was an announcer for a

Casual Dining Fiction

by: bradashlock

May 01

  On a whim a few months back, I asked Salman Rushdie via Twitter if he really preferred literary novels over curling up with a good cowboy yarn or other genre fiction novel. He replied almost instantly: “Nope.” It was very funny, and now, having become somewhat bored with genre fiction myself, I can see

Bowling Pin

by: bradashlock

Apr 28

“Bowling Pin” Flash Fiction by Brad Ashlock Hi, Doug? How have you been? Oh, fine, yeah. Hey, uh, I was just wondering if we could have a word real quick about something? Thanks. Oh, same ol’ same ol’. Took the kid to the zoo. You do anything? Nice. Sounds great. Well, the reason I’m calling

Apr 16