The Last Jedi Review

by: bradashlock

Dec 17

LAST JEDI REVIEW *SPOILERS*:   1. The Empire Strikes Back: 5/5 2. A New Hope: 5/4.95 3. Return of the Jedi: 4/5 4. The Last Jedi: 3.75/ 5 5. The Force Awakens: 3.5/ 5 5. Revenge of the Sith: 3/5 6. Rogue One: 3/5 7. Attack of the Clones: 2.5/5 8. The Phantom Menace: 2/5

Mar 04

Just released a novel I wrote for my MFA show back in 2003 at the University of Chicago. A lot of memories. Good story/ characters, though I’ve learned a lot since then. For my show, I painted several landscapes based on the novel, with references to the page the image was taken from. Great to


by: bradashlock

Jul 16

Jul 09

  The following emails were between myself and USA Today bestselling Author, Dean Wesley Smith. I love Dean’s style, and I really needed some help to get on the right track. He delivered truth bombs to my teeth. If you’re interested in writing or struggling yourself–or just want to hear some words of wisdom from a

Jul 02