Author Statement

by: bradashlock

Feb 07



In my writing, I paint a world full of darkness, but that makes what little light there is seem brighter.

My biggest influence—at least when it comes to theme—would be Cormac McCarthy. His books shocked my consciousness. I felt an instant connection to his work—not so much with the poetic gymnastics of his prose—but by the hard-fact-violence of his vision.

The world is dangerous, cold-hearted, and grim, but it is also full of laughter, friendship, and redemption.

My stories are for you. If you’re searching, bored, or craving something unique and fresh in your reading, my stories are for you. I am known for pushing beyond the normal in my art to deliver unique worlds alive with human characters riddled with flaws and doubts.

They are waiting for you.

My novels are intense and dark, but they are also infused with humor and hope. Stephen King’s background was filled with 1950s horror monsters and aliens. Mine was filled with action movies, Clive Barker, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Throw all of that together, and I guess you get my vision. Gritty, violent pulp action adventure, with, I hope, intelligence and heart.

So, dear readers, follow me into the dark forest. The campfire is dying, but the embers will keep you warm.

And I have so many tales to tell you.