by: bradashlock

May 31


Please check out my new graphic novel, “Adam Urgent”, released yesterday on Amazon.com:


ADAM URGENT is an Asian superhero created to defeat an alien invasion of “Organisers” bent on destroying planet Earth.

With his bazooka-wielding, lingerie wearing side-kick, Adam kicks major butt via his powers to warp spacetime with the ease of folding laundry.

I really enjoyed bringing Adam and his Melbourne to life (and destruction). No matter the delivery–movie, novel, comic, story song–what matters are characters you connect to, conflict, and shocking twists. It was very interesting to be working on a comic while writing a novel. A picture is worth a thousand words, so as a writer it’s been quite the learning experience to tell a narrative mainly through visuals as opposed to text.

I was surprised where such a simple medium can take you–I was able to address some powerful themes from lost love, to power, school bullying, and teen suicide.

Literature? Probably not. Fun pulp? I hope so and will let the readers be the judge, but I certainly enjoyed creating the damn thing.